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Terms of Use

Since I created Webs Campaign, I kept receiving emails from people asking for permission to use my resources that I made for this website. On this page you will find some questions regarding my resources.

Q: Can I put Your File on my website/blog?

A: Yes, you can place the Files on your website using my website Link. But First you will contact me. if i will give you permission then you will place my file. Thanks.

Q: I made an design following your file. Can I sell, or upload it to my website?

A: Yes, as long as it’s made by yourself you can do that. You’re not allowed to use the any source files of this site to do that even if you modify them.

Q: I downloaded files from your website and modified it. Can I sell it or Redistribute it?

A: No. You are not allowed to modify any files unless it’s for your personal use. If you modify any file, you can exhibit your modified version but cannot Redistribute any files Downloaded from Webs Campaign.

Q: Can I upload your any file on another website?

A: Definitely not. You can link to the page on my website where the file is so that other people can download them from here. Also you are not allowed to modify any file sets and redistribute them.